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  8, 6 & 24 Hour (per Day) Service Tiers
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Introducing the "Empowerment Service Provider"

Unlike Traditional Corporate Contact Centres : UNMETERED's objective is exceptional service, not just sales

With our wealth of experience and expertise, we decided to bring the UNMETERED approach to you - the professional. Delivering industry-leading standards through outstanding service and satisfaction.

Outstanding Customer Service with Intuitive Consumer-Centric Best Solution Thinking

Build a foundation for customer loyalty. Our Contact Center Solutions are designed to efficiently connect people with the service and support they need, while also helping you minimize costs. We provide communications and collaboration solutions that grow with your enterprise and unite teams worldwide for maximum productivity and impact.

Our powerful platforms allow you to hire an entire pool of qualified support agents at the convenience of a single instruction document. We strive to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer support.  We understand that when you rely on us to provide your contact services : you expect only the best in support to your guests.

UNMETERED : Built to Serve, Without Compromise

BBB Listed Since 2007, A+ is Easy with UNMETERED Principles

We are proud to deliver outstanding customer support and in return we maintain an A+ rating on UNMETERED CORPORATION's BBB profile. Principles of which we're proud : so why not give us a try? You won't be disappointed!

We Support Any and All Charities & Social Causes

We currently host several Canadian charities at no cost. Our purpose is furthered by universal care towards all causes that serve life on this planet : if your organization can't afford the service package cost, just contact us and we can happily work something out to your satisfaction. Valid tax receipts are requested for eligible transactions if possible.

A Worldwide Family with Multiple Generations Of Service

With founders that have been creating web projects for two decades : UNMETERED was created as a labour of love to share the tools that allowed our founders to enjoy all the wonders of this world. UNMETERED is a distributor of cutting-edge infrastructure services using the latest technology built around a family-wide commitment to service excellence.

The Best-Value Partners, The Most Professional Service

UNMETERED is a standards-based products & services clearinghouse. UNMETERED maintains the flexibility to move across carrier networks to deliver the best-possible quality of service : not 'whatever the market gives us' ; we're picky !

UNMETERED.Community 7-day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that our support services are well worth the expense and more that in the unlikely event you're not entirely satisfied with your service within seven (7) days of activation : please contact us and we'll process a full refund.